Mushrooms – Cup, Twin, Clock

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Inspired by nature!

For his new collection, designer Stefan Schöning turned to nature’s versatile treasures for inspiration, more specifically to mushrooms and their many colors and species.

The result: 3 quirky objects – Cup, Twin, Clock – each with their own features, that will elegantly blend with any interior.

Twin has a split head which can serve as a card holder Cup’s head has the shape of a small bowl, perfect for keeping jewelry in. The Clock is the tall, slender model, uniting all three in a stunning set.

The home decor objects by stefan.schö are made in Belgium and exclusively distributed by Gardeco.


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Size - Lenght/Width/Height:

Clock – 9/9/27 cm, Cup – 9/8/18 cm, Twin – 11/8/15 cm


Stefan Schöning


GARDECO (Belgium)

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